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Campos, Milton

Honorary Professor (retired)


Campos, Milton

Research expertise

My research interests concern the development of three dimensions: epistemological, theoretical and methodological. Epistemological and theoretical communication issues are dealt with from a critical constructivist approach, anchored in the contributions of genetic epistemology and the social theory of communicative action, with a focus on the logic of language and discursive ethics. Methodologically, I adopt argumentative perspectives for analyzing multi-language discourse (as on the Internet), integrating natural logic and social and political research-intervention processes. The field sites that interest me are those related to networked collectivities such as virtual communities and social networks.


Areas of expertise


Campos, M. N. (sous presse). Navegar é Preciso. Comunicar é Impreciso. São Paulo: EDUSP - Editora da Universidade de São Paulo.

Campos, M. N., Freitas, L. B. L., e Grabovschi, C. (2013). Cooperation and collaboration in higher education: An exploratory study on the cognitive, affective, and moral dimensions of online argumentation. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 3(1), 1-16.

Campos, M. N., et Grabovschi, C. (2011). Argumentação e design: Cognição, afetividade e moralidade em comunidades universitárias de aprendizagem. Educação e Cultura Contemporânea, 8(17), 1-27.

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Campos, M. N. (2007). Ecology of Meanings: A Critical Constructivist Communication Model. Communication Theory, 17(4), 386-410.

Sites Web

Site web de la recherche et de l’enseignement :
Inter@ctiva – Communication en réseau et logique naturelle (www.interactiva.umontreal.ca)

Site web du centre international de recherche associé à Inter@ctiva :
Communalis – Société internationale de communication et logique naturelle (www.communalis.ca)