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Frenette, Micheline

Honorary Professor (retired)


  • Telephone 514-343-6111 #55512 Pav. PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN \ Ext. B410
Frenette, Micheline

Research expertise

I am interested in the influence of traditional media like television from the viewpoint of their convergence with interactive platforms like the Internet and social networks. I am studying how these means of communication can be profitably used for social campaigns designed to promote health or political involvement. I recommend an approach derived from dual theories (communication and other social sciences) and based on methodological diversity (both quantitative and qualitative). I am also examining cultural differences in the way young adults appropriate communication technologies.

Areas of expertise


FRENETTE, M. et VERMETTE, M.-F. (2011). L'humour comme stratégie de communication? Le cas des élections municipales 2009 au Québec. Revue internationale de communication sociale et publique, 5 (1), 18-27.

FRENETTE, M. (2010). La recherche en communication: Un atout pour les campagnes sociales. Québec: Presses de l'Université du Québéc, 252 pp.

FRENETTE, M. (2008). La part du français dans la lecture de journaux et magazines chez de jeunes adultes québécois : L'Internet est-il un facteur à considérer? In Sudweeks, F., Hrachovec, H. & Ess, C (Eds), Sixth International Conference on Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication (pp. 258-270). Murdoch, Australia : Murdoch University, School of Information technology.